Mylash strip lashes, style 4

Mylash strip lashes, style 4 MBE001

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  • Glue included in pack 
  • Flawless results with every use 
  • Style 4 black 
  • Instant lash extensions 
  • Single use adhesive 
  • Eye lashes 0.5MM 
  • Promote a natural look for clients 
  • Easy to apply 

Enhance your professional beauty salon with Mylash strip lashes, style 4 that ensures flawless results with every use. Instant lash extensions, with glue included in pack that ensures a natural look for your clients. Style 4 black 0.5MM eye lashes with single use adhesive. Easy to use, therapist convenience is guaranteed.

This product will make a great addition to your professional offering!

Add the Mylash strip lashes, style 4 to your salon or spa for enhanced lash treatment services today!

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Additional information

Additional information

Type Strip lashes
Brand Mylash
Colour Black
Size No