Phd Safewax honey wax intro station, small gloves

Phd Safewax honey wax intro station, small gloves PHD21S
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  • Branded waxing tower
  • Top moulded to fit the Phd™ Safewax heater unit
  • Shelves and pull out drawers
  • Easy to clean trolley
  • Essential waxing products included

The Phd™ Safewax honey wax introductory station is the perfect companion for any waxing treatment. The intro kit includes a sleek and stylish white branded waxing tower which is extremely easy to clean. Conveniently, it has shelves and pull out draws to professionally store all desirable waxing products, as included.

A professional and hygienic environment is therefore easily maintained. The top of this trolley is moulded to fit the Phd Safewax heater unit to add convenience. Therefore, the efficiency of your wax treatments are effortlessly enhanced as all products are easily accessible.

Trolley Dimensions:

  • Height: 910mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Depth: 290mm

Products included:

  • Honey wax 70ml (16)
  • Original applicators (40)
  • Bonded fibre strips (100)
  • Pre cleansing gel 250ml
  • Post lotion 250ml
  • Small vinyl gloves (100)
  • Branded hand towels (2)
  • Branded bath sheets (2)
  • Training DVD Instruction book

Please note other size gloves are available: extra small and medium.

Add the Phd Safewax honey wax intro kit to your salon today for a sleek and convenient wax station with easy accessibility to all of your desired products.

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Additional information

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