Priadara digestive detox kit

Priadara digestive detox kit PDA971
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Priadara digestive detox kit.

The revolutionary Priadara digestive detox
combines invigorating colon massage with
rejuvenating navel candling to stimulate the
lymphatic system, remove blockages, improve
menstrual cramps and decongest the body of any

Priadara navel candles are made from natural
ingredients including beeswax and chinese herbs.

When combined with Priadara spa body products
containing essential oils mint, lime, lemon and
ginger and botanical extracts of aloe vera and
green tea they deliver outstanding results.

PDA180 oriental scrub 250ml/8.5fl.oz (1)
PDA187 invigorating massage oil 500ml/17fl.oz (1)
PDA188 rejuvenating navel candles (10 x 2)
PDA183 oriental body lotion 500ml/17fl.oz
PDA819 digestive detox poster (A2) (1)

Training available at the Ellisons Academy
£120.00, please call 02476 369516 for details.

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Additional information

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