Priadara galvanic gel, anti cellulite 400ml

Priadara galvanic gel, anti cellulite 400ml PDA526
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  • Used under positive and/or negative electrodes
  • Contains active and cooling ingredients ideal for breaking down cellulite
  • Cost effective gel
  • Contains ivy which helps break down areas of cellulite
  • Gentle tingling sensation on application
  • Perfect for the Priadara body galvanic treatment

Priadara’s anti cellulite galvanic gel was uniquely formulated to be used under positive and/or negative charged electrodes. This allows easy tailoring of treatments to suit each individual clients’ needs, guaranteeing a high quality treatment for your clients.

Each formula within the range contains cooling and active ingredients suited to each specific skin condition. A gentle tingling sensation occurs on application which appeases the senses. This makes it the perfect galvanic gel to use in the Priadara body galvanic treatment for those clients wishing to reduce their cellulite as the ivy effectively breaks down large areas of cellulite.

These galvanic gels are also easily combined to perfectly tailor your treatment to the clients’ needs.

Other gels available are: control, sedate, quench, energise, stabilise and desincrustation.

Add the Priadara galvanic gel anti cellulite, 400ml, to your gel collection today for a unique, effective and tailorable treatment to each individual client.

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Additional information

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