Priadara professional skincare kit

Priadara professional skincare kit PDAKIT1
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  • Exceptional, affordable and professional range
  • High standard products
  • Superior results guaranteed
  • Products can two or more natural essential oils
  • Sedate for delicate and/or irritated skin
  • Quench for dry/hydrated skin
  • Stabilise for unbalanced/unhappy skin

Priadara is an exceptional, affordable and professional skincare range. Every product has been carefully researched and tested to the highest standard to ensure superior results are delivered to your clients every time. Each product contains two or more natural essential oils which have mutually enhancing effects, when blended, which increase the overall result on your clients skin.

Includes three Priadara skincare ranges, sedate for delicate and/or irritated skin, quench for dry/hydrated skin and stabilise for unbalanced/unhappy skin


  • PDA111 Sedate cleansing gel 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA101 Quench cleansing solution 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA131 Stabilise foaming cleanser 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA059 Sedate toner 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA001 Quench toner 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA031 Stabilise toner 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA112 Sedate moisturiser 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA102 Quench moisturiser 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA132 Stabilise moisturiser 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA113 Sedate face mask 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA103 Quench face mask 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA133 Stabilise face mask 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA161 Skin scrub 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA074 'I' repair cream 50ml/1.7fl.oz
  • PDA072 Oil free 'I' make-up remover 500ml/17fl.oz
  • PDA165 Facial massage cream 250ml/8.5fl.oz
  • PDA601 Triple S gel 50ml/1.7fl.oz
  • PB7310A Super collagen mask 25g/0.88oz
  • PDA656 Hibiscus algae face mask 25g/0.88oz
  • PDA655A Priadara thermal clay mask 300g/10.5oz

Add the Priadara professional skincare range to your salon supplies today to guarantee your clients the highest quality treatments and save.

This product will make a great addition to your professional offering!


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