Salon trolley buying guide

Investing in the right salon or hairdressing trolley can help improve the smooth-running and efficiency of your beauty services. A salon trolley enables you to store all of your treatment essentials with ease, as well as providing you with convenient access. Before choosing the trolley for you read our below guide to help you make the right choice.

Mobility and size

Firstly, think about the products you will be transporting around your salon. Whether you are a mobile therapist or are based in a salon this will impact the size and weight of the salon trolley that will be most useful to you.

With easy glide castors, salon trolleys can be easily moved and will prove an essential supply for all busy beauty professionals. Alongside hairdressing trolleys, we also offer several spa and waxing trolleys, with spacious storage compartments, ensuring therapists can store their supplies efficiently.


The number of drawers available usually ranges between 2 to 5. The drawers may be fully packed with nothing on show or a half open tray that displays your products. We also offer drawers that are deeper, great for hairdressing and containing heavier items.


We have a wide variety of trolleys that will match any budget. Our range Esthetix or PHD Safewax salon waxing trolleys will be ideal for any busy salon. We also offer top of the range hairdressing trolleys with brands such as Luca Rossini. Remember, a trolley will be used daily and will be an investment to your business.

Quality and durability

Our range of salon trolleys are primarily available in materials such as metal or plastic. With trolleys being one of the most used equipment items it is important to choose one that is durable and long-lasting to withstand the test of time. Also consider the height and weight of the trolley you are purchasing. A lighter trolley will allow for easy movement and and allow you to have easy access to the products you need.


We offer a varied range of styles and colours. Consider what colour trolley will fit in best with your current décor. It’s usually best to stick with a neutral colour as this is a timeless choice and will always fit in with the times and latest trends.

Shop our range

Using the guide above we are certain you will be able to find the trolley perfect for your business. Visit our salon trolley category here to see our selection.


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