Spa and aromatherapy buying guide

It's essential to ensure spa and aromatherapy treatments provide the perfect relaxation and comfort for your clients. We have put together a guide to help you choose the right supplies for you spa.

Massage oils, waxes and creams

Oils are a number one supply any beautician performing a spa treatment should own, and can be used for facial massages, body massages, holistic healing and footbaths. They help to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, so it is important to stock a variety of essential oils.

Lavender is a popular choice which as it helps to relieve stress and promote sleep. Chamomile will help to reduce acne and inflammation on your client’s skin, whilst tea tree aids in holistic healing primarily. We stock an extensive range of quality oils for all kinds of benefits, depending on what your client wants. Shop our range here.


Choosing the right spa and aromatherapy accessories will enhance the ease and professionalism of your treatments. Buying candles, incense sticks and diffusers will contribute to the client’s relaxation and invigorate their senses in the treatment room, whilst massage brushes are a perfect complement to any treatment, to help gently and effectively cleanse the face and body. Tray sets, lamps, flowers, sarongs and wooden bowls and trays all contribute to a therapeutic atmosphere in your treatment room. Shop our wide range of spa and aromatherapy accessories here, to instantly enhance your services.

Stone massages

For a hot stone massage and therapy treatments, you will need to purchase a stone massage heater, to heat the massage stones quickly and efficiently. There is also the option of purchasing a stone introductory kit, which includes the stones, heater and thermometer, ideal for new therapists or those hoping to expand their current treatment offering. We stock a range of stone heaters and kits, check them out here.

Facial kits and masks

Facial and skincare kits are a must-have in your spa, so you can offer relaxing facials, slimming body wraps and other skin-based therapies to meet your clients’ needs. Similarly, facial masks and exfoliators can be a good alternative in your offering to update your skin care treatments, and with a variety of different types of masks, there is bound to be a suitable product to use on your client and their skin needs. View our selection of facial kits and masks here

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We hope the above helps with buying everything you need for your spa. Shop our full range of spa supplies here


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