Esthetix standard massage couch, white

Esthetix standard massage couch, white EST3328
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Features and benefits

  • Epoxy frame and soft upholstery – makes for a valuable investment because of durability
  • Multi-positional backrest – provides easy adjustments for longer massage treatments
  • Friction bar mechanism – great for assisting upper body support Head support cushion – offers flexible and safe head support
  • Breath hole and couch roll holder – offers maximum breathability in hard-pressure massages
  • Steel framework – ensures this couch will last for a long time
  • Silver lacquer finish, PVC covering – easy to clean and makes therapists’ lives easier

Designed for client comfort and convenience
The Esthetix standard massage couch is a comfortable treatment couch that your clients will truly love. Functional elements are made to suit any tailored relaxing treatment.  
Multi-positional backrest with friction bar mechanism
The multi-positional backrest which is adjustable through a friction bar mechanism is ideal for longer treatments to easily adjust from one position to another preventing strain from extended sleeping positions. The head support cushion is soft enough to send your clients to sleep even before the massage begins. The breathing hole and couch roll holder are essential for long and relieving back massages. 

Classy silver lacquer finish on a steel framework
The massage couch is constructed with a steel framework, PVC covering and bathed in an elegant silver lacquer finish which makes it a robust couch that melds with any other modern elements in your salon. The high-grade PVC also makes cleaning a simple everyday task.

Additional information

Additional information

Type Static
Brand No
Colour White
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