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Valentine’s Day Style Tips

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, your clients will want to look their best for the most romantic day of the year with their loved ones. As always, Ellisons have got your back and here’s the result of some of our research into the most popular looks for this special day in 2022. 



Red hearts are so common around this time that it is almost a cliché to include them in your nail designs. But they don’t have to be tacky or cheesy. As you can see, they can be both subtle and cute, and the powerful red shade is always a popular colour choice at any time of year, even more so when Valentine’s day comes around. Remember to apply base and top coat to keep the nails looking bolder and more defined for longer, and consider using a specialist fine brush to make the small hearts easier to paint. This will make sure that your clients have a look that is suitably romantic, while also stepping away from the norm.


Woman with long hair with big curls


The ultimate style for any woman who is a fan of low maintenance hair but with maximum effect, this gorgeous hairstyle is as relaxed and effortless as it is alluring. Perfect for an elegant dinner or paired with a chic coat for a romantic stroll, this style works beautifully for any hair length. Unless your client was born with natural, tumbling ringlets, a little work will be required to create this look. Simple to master, this style involves sweeping their locks across to fall predominantly on one side. Depending on the hair’s length, set aside adequate time to work your magic with a curling iron, creating tight, romantic curls.



Woman with makeupSmoky eyes are one of the most popular and trendy current makeup looks. They normally include three different shades of eyeshadow: a dark, medium, and light shade. These different shades blend together to create the perfect contoured and dramatic look. Traditionally, smoky eyes are renowned as a gorgeous night-time option. This eye makeup style is generally considered to be formal, elegant and seductive: a perfect choice for a party or a date night out. To put a bold spin on the look, you could try combining a classic smoky eye with a light shimmery shade across the centre of the eyelid to create a gorgeous, dramatic contrast.

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