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How to create aurora nails

One of 2022’s hottest nail trends so far have been Aurora nails. This beautiful style with a shimmer effect means nails change colour depending on how the light hits them, perfect for clients looking for a style that will really make them stand out.

There are a few different techniques professionals use to get that staple holographic aurora nail look, says Anastasia Totty, a LeChat Nails educator. “Most of them are created using what nail pros call ‘white chrome’,” she explains. “It’s a highly pigmented powder that has an aurora effect (light lavender or gold hue) depending on lighting.”

Create the look

  1. To create your aurora nails, first file and prep your nails and apply a gel base coat.
  2. Then add two coats of gel in white or pastel nail colours and let that cure.
  3. Rub the nail with the iridescent powder or glitter.
  4. A popular trend from South Korea and Japan would be to then cut a piece of foil the shape of the nail and add it over the white chrome with sculpting gel.
  5. Or, you can cut a piece of holographic foil into an oblong shape that’s smaller than the nail plate, and lay it centrally top-to-bottom on the nail, using hard gel to encapsulate the foil and build a raised area.
  6. Then pair with a topcoat for even more shine. These encapsulating techniques are the most difficult part, making it a challenging design, but they pack the biggest visual punch.

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