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Marbled nails

Selection of nudes with metallic tones to create a modern twist on the 'wedding look'.


  1. Prep nails with OPI®'s base coat and two layers of Don't Bossa Nova me around, use a detailing brush to add a slim crescent to the top of the nails where the cuticle starts using 'Rage' rose gold glitter by ORLY®
  2. Mixing white and grey shades in Alpine Snow and Suzi Talks With Her Hands, begin to add a marble effect to the nails. You don't need a steady hand for this one so this is open to beginners, a little wobble here and there just adds to the effect
  3. Diffuse the lines by adding a tiny amount of nail polish remover on your brush and go back in with a white and add some highlights
  4. Bring all the colours together by adding a sheer wash of nude over the top, adding depth Passion by OPI
  5. Apply a top coat and cuticle oil and you're done

Base coat

  • OPI201 OPI lacquer, natural nail base coat
  • OPI235 OPI Don't Bossa Nova me around (nude base)


  • ORLOA299 ORLY Rage glitter
  • OPI241 OPI Alpine Snow (white)
  • OPI282 OPI Suzi Talks with her hands (grey)
  • OPI240 OPI Passion (sheer pinky nude)

Top coat

  • OPI205 OPI Rapidry top coat

Cuticle oil

  • OPI303 OPI ProSpa cuticle oil to go

Brush from Lecenté

  • DN14170645 Lecenté detailer brush D2


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