Wax heater buying guide

This buying guide is here to help you choose the right wax heater for you and your business. Whether you are a mobile waxologist or salon based, we have a wide range of products to choose from.

How much wax can the heater hold?

When choosing a new wax heater, you should consider how much wax you need the heater to be able to hold at one time. If you tend to do a lot of waxing on large areas, you may need a heater that holds a large amount of wax. If you wax smaller, more intimate areas you may need a smaller heater, depending on how many clients you typically treat.

If the heater is bigger than you require, this could lead to a waste in wax and wouldn’t be very energy efficient or cost-effective for your business. Always consider wastage as this could lead to over-buying.


Speed  The heater should heat the wax quickly and safely, allowing you to work efficiently. The speed of the heater will have an impact on the number of clients you can treat per day, which could affect your salons efficiency.

Distribution  The heat should be distributed evenly, allowing the wax to melt uniformly.

Consistency  It should maintain a consistent temperature and be able to retain heat for a long period of time.


If you work with a variety of different types of wax, you should consider a heater that can handle a range of types of waxes. We stock an assortment of versatile heaters from brands such as Beauty Essentials and HIVE® to meet your everyday waxing needs.

Controls, display and maintenance

Being able to control and maintain the heater is very important. When researching which heater you should purchase, make sure you take into account the controls and temperature display.

Controlling the temperature on the heater easily will enhance the professionalism of your service. If you are a mobile therapist or you don’t have a lot of time between client visits, you may want to opt for a heater that you can clean easily. Some heaters allow you to insert the wax pot directly into the machine for easy, mess-free heating and no wastage. The less maintenance required, the better.

Does the heater need to be portable?

If you are a mobile waxologist it is essential that you choose a heater that is easy to transport. You should take into consideration the size and the weight of the machine to allow easy portability from client to client.

Price and longevity

Price is important when making any purchase, however, you should also think about the quality and longevity of the machine you are buying. It will be an investment to your business. Questions to ask are, how often will you be using the machine? Will it be able to withstand busy periods? If you have regularly busy periods, it would be worth investing in a high-quality machine, so you wouldn’t need to replace it anytime soon.

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