BeautySoClean® Cosmetic brush cleaners and hygiene sprays


A make-up kit staple, BeautySoClean® provides an innovative range of cosmetic and brush cleansers to maximise client hygiene. Celebrity make-up artist Nancy Crossley has created a gentle antibacterial formula that extends the life of products and tools.

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Beauty so clean false eyelash sanitizer kit

Beauty so clean false eyelash sanitizer kit

Hygiene and safety An important addition for any professional make-up artist, the BeautySoClean® false eyelash sanitiser is formulated to maximise hygiene between busy treatments. Effective against bacteria and product residue, the...
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BeautySoClean® brush cleanser, 500ml

BeautySoClean® brush cleanser, 500ml

Conditioning brush cleanser Effectively cleanse and refresh your make-up brushes with the BeautySoClean brush cleanser. The gentle and conditioning formula quickly removes cosmetic residue, viruses and bacteria to ensure your brushes are...
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