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Looking for some inspiration? You’re in the right place. Ellisons have got top nail artist Jen McColl to create three looks that will be in-demand this Autumn/Winter season. The best part is that all the products she used are available on our website, so you will be able to replicate them in your own salon

01/10/2021 00:00 | 0 Comments

Ellisons are so excited to bring you Manic Panic products for the first time. In this blog you’ll find out all about this exciting brand, from what products they sell to the celebrities that have used them on the red carpet and on the big screen.

29/09/2021 14:30 | 0 Comments

Himalayan salt stone massages are a growing phenomenon and it’s important to know the benefits and differences between this type of massage and a traditional basalt hot stone massage. This article explains this, as well as letting you know how Ellisons can help you get all the kit you need, as well as offering you training through The Academy.

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Keep up to date with all the hottest hair trends this Autumn with Ellisons. This article contains the key styles your clients will be asking for and gives you some tips on how to achieve them, as well as guidance on which products you will need.

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Hair stylists around the UK rejoice as we have the most exciting new product for you today. OLAPLEX the holy grail of hair care products has created even more excitement with the launch of the new OLAPLEX No. 4-P bond maintenance purple shampoo. It is hard to think of ways OLAPLEX can exceed themselves, yet the brand always does and this amazing treat for all your blonde, grey and fair-haired clients is now available to buy online at Ellisons.

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Making your business more eco-friendly can feel like a daunting task, but can also come with a lot of benefits. This article offers you some tips on how to implement environmentally friendly practices and how shopping at Ellisons can help you to be more green while offering the same great service to your customers.

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Swirl patterns that show movement using a perfect pop of colour for a chic, modern look.

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Inspired by the timeless smoky eye make-up look, smoky hair is the new service that adds a low maintenance dimension for colour that looks both natural and on-trend. Learn how you can play with a blended mix of Majirel shades and tones for a stylish contrast from root to tip.

11/05/2021 09:00 | 0 Comments

If you’re looking for creativity and limitless colour possibilities, then look no further than Majirel. A permanent, true-to-tone hair colour that provides rich, deep and intense long-lasting results.

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Seize the opportunities of summer with the latest trends and ranges for hair and beauty professionals. Embrace the feel-good factor, inspire clients and celebrate as the summer heats up.

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OLAPLEX has created a new 4-in-1 treatment that moisturises, smooths, and adds body and shine to the hair. The OLAPLEX No.8 bond intense moisture mask with patented bond building technology is the latest addition to the OLAPLEX family, taking at-home maintenance to a whole new level.

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Achieve new skills, develop and grow with our modern approach to professional qualifications. Explore how our interactive learning platform adapts to your busy schedule, delivers comprehensive knowledge and supports your career development.

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