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18/08/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

From legs and bikini lines to eyebrows and underarms, waxing is likely to be one of your most popular services this summer. No surprise then that studies have shown that the average woman spends up to £23,000 removing unwanted hair over her lifetime.

16/08/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Introducing Esthetix Dolecvita, a name that embodies the essence of a ‘sweet life,’ and a line that celebrates the seamless fusion of elegance, functionality, and creativity. Inspired by the very concept of La Dolce Vita - a phrase deeply ingrained in the Italian culture to signify the good life filled with pleasures and indulgence - the Dolecvita range of salon furniture mirrors not just a lifestyle, but an art form.

29/07/2023 16:30 | 0 Comments

When your boss offers you the chance to take half an hour out of your day to review a new couch, one specifically designed to relax and destress you, then you don’t say no. So, when the marketing team here at Ellisons got the opportunity to review the new Gharieni Welnamis, we jumped at the chance.

28/07/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Getting together with colleagues to spend wellness time out of the office is an initiative we promote at Ellisons. And what better way than working with Warwickshire Wildlife trust to learn about how we can help improve the state of our local flora and fauna, as well as getting our hands dirty and help out at a local nature reserve.

30/06/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Are you feeling the heat and in desperate need of some sizzling summer hair inspiration? Look no further because we've got the coolest idea for you: a pearl-toned balayage that will make your locks shine brighter than the summer sun! But hold onto your beach hats because that's not all—we've got a trove of fantastic tips and tricks to ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated. Get ready to slay the summer hair game and unleash your inner beach goddess.

19/06/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Hot on the heels of our launch of the iconic The GelBottle brand, comes the release of a brand-new collection: Road Trip. This gorgeous selection of gel nail polish has everything you could wish for, from the bright and bold to the subtle and natural, there is sure to be a colour for every client in this brand-new summer 2023 range.

09/06/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Monday 19 June @ 4.00pm
Join us for an exclusive live session with Sarah Satchell and Wella Professionals.

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07/06/2023 09:00 | 0 Comments

Join us in welcoming the latest addition to the Ellisons family, The GelBottle. Always at the cutting edge of innovation in the nail industry, this revolutionary brand has been helping nail professionals like you offer clients the very latest in nail technology, all whilst staying true to its artistic roots.

09/05/2023 10:00 | 0 Comments

Are you looking for a new wax designed specifically for a pain and irritation free experience for your clients? Then Waxperts wax might be the one for you. Join us in welcoming Ireland’s No. 1 wax brand to Ellisons and discover how their range of waxes, lotions and oils can help you to offer you clients something different.

02/05/2023 10:15 | 0 Comments

Monday 15 May 1.30pm
Join us for an exclusive live session with Charlotte Lowe, OPI Field Educator .

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11/04/2023 10:00 | 0 Comments

Glitterbels, one of Instagram’s most loved nail brands, are bringing their bold, glamorous approach to the world of salon furniture, with a range of chairs, stools and desks. If you are a fan of Glitterbels’ unique style of nail art, then is the range of salon furniture you have been waiting for as it’s ideal for creating the same stunning aesthetic in your salon.

06/04/2023 10:00 | 0 Comments

Are your clients looking for fuller, longer lashes? Then join us in welcoming OLAPLEX LASHBOND™ Building Serum to Ellisons. Containing all-new bond-building technology designed specifically for lashes, this expansion of the award-winning OLAPLEX range has been proven to leave lashes feeling healthier and denser in just a month of regular use.

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