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Depilex body galvanic

Depilex body galvanic

Improves cellulite conditions on clients legs Can be used in conjunction with ionised anti-cellulite products Direct current has effect on underlying tissues Stimulates blood flow Improve cellulite conditions on your clients legs, with...
£220.50 * £450.00 *
Depilex microdermabrasion crystals 2kg

Depilex microdermabrasion crystals 2kg

Efficiently reduce acne Inert and sterile crystals so no risk of allergic reaction Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic Anti-bacterial properties Immediate improvement Reduction of lines and wrinkles Efficiently reduce acne on your clients...
£22.95 *
Depilex facial galvanic

Depilex facial galvanic

Lightweight and portable design Selection of electrodes Visible MA display Test facility One year Depilex guarantee Featuring both desincrustation and iontophoresis functions, the superior Depilex facial galvanic unit is the perfect...
£275.00 *
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