Natural ear candles, lavender and rosemary (2)

Natural ear candles, lavender and rosemary (2) NEC1
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Features and benefits

  • Made with certified organic essential oils
  • Creates soothing aromas
  • 100% pure natural materials and ingredients
  • Soothing, calming and relaxing
  • Hand made

The Natural Ear Candle Company’s lavender and rosemary candles are a favourite for this highly popular holistic treatment. These ear candles are made from the highest quality natural materials and the essential oils used to create the soothing aromas are produced by steam distillation in France. Infused with calming and destressing lavender and rosemary oils, they ensure a destressing treatment for your client. he candles are guaranteed to calm your client’s whole body whilst effectively equalising pressure in their head and ears. By drawing impurities to the surface, these candles are perfect for clients suffering from sinus problems, excessive ear wax, hayfever and headaches for gentle removal and soothing effect. The integrated filters therefore ensure a safe, clean and effective application to ensure your client is feeling relaxed and refreshed after their treatment.

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Additional information

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