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Each Muse of Milan colour that OPI® has created has a story that sets it apart from other nail launches. Read on to discover more about the 12 shades and see how you can advise your clients on what colours they should choose.

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In this blog we’ll pose some questions which will help you focus on making your business even more successful.

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Constantly evolving and at the forefront of industry trends, My Beautiful Eyes is a brand that allows therapists to completely transform the eye area. This comprehensive range of tinting, eyebrow waxing, eyelash extensions and perming has been developed to meet every client’s need.

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In this diverse industry, how can you make your business a true destination? Take inspiration from our selection of engaging hair, beauty and nails social media feeds. Explore the techniques to share your unique selling points, grow your audience and build loyalty.

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Every salon and spa owner running a successful business is looking towards the next big thing to delight and retain clients. In this blog we'll cover some of the emerging trends and treatments that will help your business thrive and create constant attention.

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Saltability uses 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt stones which contain 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts. Using a selection of twenty hand-carved salt stones, Saltability massage relaxes and exfoliates the body while omitting negative ions when heated.

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Brow Tycoon
is widely regarded as the safest eyebrow henna in the UK and Ireland. Read our Brow Tycoon henna brows guide for a full overview on colours, timelines and training courses.

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Visopeel is a professional facial peel which provides clearer, fresher looking skin. Even if your clients don’t have any specific skin issues, a facial peel will still provide them with clearer, healthier looking skin. In order to provide Visopeel treatment, a 3 hour course must be completed which leads to a certification.

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Discover St.Tropez and learn how you can incorporate the UK’s leading tanning brand into your business.

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As one of the UK’s most lucrative markets, it’s no surprise that many consider a career within the exciting world of beauty. Our blog post is here to help you and give you advice on areas to look out for when starting your own business.

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The world's first SPF50 self tan luxury lotion. This unique patent pending formula is the result of two year's intensive research by some of the UK's leading sun care specialists and has been endorsed by leading dermatologists.

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We are delighted to launch the Déesse professional LED mask. Read more about the top benefits here.

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