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How to maintain ultimate hygiene within your salon

Every hair and beauty professional knows the importance of hygiene within their business. It’s an essential aspect of every treatment and service offered within your salon and ensuring the utmost cleanliness will both improve your client’s experience and help ensure you minimise germs, bacteria and infection in your working environment. It will also enhance the reputation of your business and ensure clients continue to use and recommend your services.

How do you make sure that you maintain hygiene within your salon? In this guide we’ll cover the main ways that you or your colleagues could be spreading germs and how to do your utmost to prevent it.


An obvious place that germs can spread is through your workplace. Protocols should be put in place to ensure that surfaces, door handles, and tables are wiped down with disinfectant wipes regularly. Make sure they are disposed of in a bin.

Salon floors should also be cleaned regularly as they can collect hair, nails and other matter. Having a cleaning schedule will help to ensure floors are clean and accidents avoided from slippery surfaces. Finally, if you have your lunch in the salon rest area, ensure you wash, dry and store crockery and cutlery and dispose of any unwanted food.


Make sure you adopt a single use per client approach to your towel use. This will minimise the risk of transmission of germs between clients.

Stopping the transmission of germs is difficult, maintaining effective hygiene can be achieved in the following ways:

Do not re-use unwashed salon towels

  • Wash your salon laundry at a high temperature to kill germs. Bacteria is killed at 100°C, effective cleaning using detergent takes place at 60°C
  • Only remove clean towels from the dryer when they are completely dry
  • Never leave towels on the floor

Salon couches and chairs

Cross-infection is unlikely as most salon furniture is made from vinyl or PVC making it easy to clean; if a customer has a cut or scrape which is not covered by a plaster or bandage, precautions should be taken.

One way to prevent salon couches and chairs from getting infected with germs is to use couch roll. Disinfectant containing ethanol should be avoided as it can cause furniture to crack or become brittle which can lead to germs seeping into the furniture and multiplying.  

Tools and instruments 

Take care to prevent cross client contamination by sterilizing instruments between each client treatment. Metal instruments such as cuticle nippers, scissors and tweezers should be sterilised in an autoclave. Bowls, dishes and other salon equipment should be washed thoroughly in warm water and detergent. Always follow the instructions when using disinfectant. Rinse your equipment in clean water to remove any residue before drying.

Once salon or spa tools are clean, you should take care to store them in a clean dry covered container or UV cabinet.

Cleaning all surfaces regularly will minimise the risk of build-up of bacteria.

Foot baths

Germs thrive in wet and warm conditions so special attention should be given when cleaning any pedi equipment such as foot baths. This is where bacteria and fungi develop.

Salon hygiene product checklist 

Now that we’ve identified the key areas to keep clean in your salon, we’d like to turn your attention to the products you may need to use to ensure best hygiene practice. 

Disposable gloves

disposable gloves

Whether you’re involved with waxing, manicures or pedicure treatments, using disposable gloves is recommended. Vinyl gloves will protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and other harmful materials and because they are disposable help prevent cross-contamination. Peel them off and dispose in a bin once they have been used.  

Barbicide disinfectant 

Barbicide disinfectant

Barbicide disinfects grooming instruments and salon tools such as brushes, combs and plastic instruments which are not suitable for autoclaving. Use a measuring cup to mix water and Barbicide before placing in a jar. Always follow the instructions on the product to ensure you are using the product safely and can dispose of it in the correct way, using vinyl gloves. Barbicide also offers a comprehensive range of sprays, wipes and equipment to allow you to provide ultimate cleanliness with ease.

Autoclaves and sterilisers


Sterilisers and autoclaves are essential in the salon environment as they are the only guaranteed effective method to destroy microorganisms from metal tools and instruments. Before placing your tools in an autoclave, be sure to wash them thoroughly ensuring all matter is removed. You’ll then be ready to use the autoclave which will typically take around 20 minutes to complete. For higher performance an automatic medical autoclave can sterilize in just 11 minutes.  

Anti-bacterial hand gel

anti-bacterial hand gel

An essential for both client and therapist, anti-bacterial hand gels such as Vines and Mundo will ensure your hands are clean prior to and post treatment.

Hand sanitiser

hand sanitiser gel

By using hand sanitisers, you can stop germs from spreading before they get to furniture or products. Check that the hand sanitiser you’re using contains at least 60% alcohol for effective results.  

Disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant wipes

Wipes are a quick and effective way to clean surfaces and equipment. Mundo multi-surface disinfectant wipes are a practical and affordable solution and will allow you to effectively disinfect a variety of surfaces such as PVC and vinyl. These aldehyde and phenol free wipes are an essential for any busy professional environment and will enhance the ease of your hygiene routine.

Multi-surface cleaning sprays

Multi-surface cleaning sprays

Hygiene sprays are a great option for salon environments. While they are easy to use, they are also cost-effective and will provide excellent results. The Ship Shape surface cleaner leaves surfaces streak free and is safe for use on all appliances including straightening irons. It is also perfect for use on glass, mirrors, salon stations and chairs.

Couch roll

Couch roll

Couch roll helps to absorb spillages so that couches and treatment beds are protected from products during massage and waxing treatments. Beauty Essentials is Ellison’s own brand and one of our most popular couch roll products. 

Now you’ve read our guide to maintaining hygiene in your salon, you should be ready to stop germs from spreading and improving cleanliness.


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