Body therapy and facial work

Body therapy and facial work CR04151
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 By Greta Couldridge, Mo Rosser and Sue Rosser 4th edition.

Mo Rossers unique, bestselling text has been fully updated with new photographs and a wealth of learning features to reinforce study and place the theory in the context of the salon.

In order to provide the most effective treatments for their clients, students and practitioners of beauty therapy need to fully comprehend the science that underpins each treatment.

This book enables you to understand the scientific aspects of both body and facial therapy, explaining the theory in an accessible yet comprehensive manner.

Therapies covered include: mechanical massage, vacuum suction, galvanic treatment, muscle stimulation, microcurrent treatments, microdermabrasion, infra-red and ultraviolet and heat therapy treatments.


  • Introduction
  • Learning and assessment guidance
  • Section 1 - underpinning knowledge
  • Chapter 1 health, safety and welfare
  • Chapter 2 hygiene
  • Section 2 - ethics, consultation and client care
  • Chapter 3 ethics, planning, preparation and client consultation
  • Section 3 - underpinning science
  • Chapter 4 basic science
  • Section 4 - treatments
  • Chapter 5 high frequency treatment
  • Chapter 6 mechanical massage
  • Chapter 7 vacuum suction
  • Chapter 8 galvanic treatment
  • Chapter 9 muscle stimulation
  • Chapter 10 microcurrent treatments
  • Chapter 11 microdermabrasion
  • Chapter 12 infra-red and ultraviolet
  • Chapter 13 heat therapy treatments
  • Case studies
  • Glossary
  • Appendix - underpinning science
  • Index
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